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When a debt-ridden young teacher inherits an abandoned lakefront inn, she and a group of potential buyers visit the property, where they discover a dark, sinister secret and a malignant supernatural presence determined to keep them there forever.



MARA (30-35)Overwhelmed by debt and running out of options, California grade school teacher Mara serendipitously inherits an abandoned Wisconsin inn, which she is desperate to sell at virtually any price. With no family of her own and increasingly isolated by her financial problems, Mara sustains herself on her love for the students who come and go from her classroom year after year: a devoted teacher willing to do anything for the children. When she and her potential buyers visit the property for the first time, Mara is torn between her desperation to sell and relieve her debt and her guilt over concealing her knowledge of the dark and dangerous secrets of the inn’s past.

DONOVAN (50-55)A frumpy but successful real estate magnate, Donovan is arrogant, aggressive, and always seeking the advantage in any situation. As a natural alpha male, he attempts to assert control over Mara and the others throughout, using an aggressive posture and force of personality to try to bend the situation to his own will. In Act III, however, when circumstances have begun to spiral out of control and Donovan is unsure whether or not he has committed an unspeakable act of his own, his façade of confidence falls away, and he succumbs to self-doubt and fear.

PETE (45-50)Salt of the earth pizza franchise owner, Pete—along with his partner, Dex—knows a bit of the history of the inn and is on a mission to discover more. Pete is kind, generous, empathetic, and ultimately proves to be the glue that holds the survivors together in Act III. Driven by his affection for Dex, he is fiercely protective of his partner and quick to anger in the face of Donovan’s homophobic bigotry.

DEX (30-35)Eager and energetic, Pete’s partner, Dex, is a part time pizza franchise owner and full-time paranormal enthusiast. His amateur expertise in all things haunted in Wisconsin is what brought him and Pete to the inn. His knowledge of the legend of the Headmistress provides key context and backstory to the proceedings, as well as key insight that allows them to solve the dark mystery of the inn.

ANI (25-27)A stylish, sharp-tongued trust-fund baby eager to break free of her parents’ shadow and stake her own claim in the world. Thanks to years of being clumsily pursued for her good looks and money, Ani has a quick, acerbic wit and a sizable chip on her shoulder…which makes her particularly impatient with arrogant misogynist Donovan.

NIKKI (35-45)A driven career woman, Nikki is the first to discover the clues hinting at the inn’s dark secret and the first to come face-to-face with the insidious demon that lords over it. Her death at the hands of the Headmistress propels the story into Act II and triggers the events that trap the others at the inn.


You can access a PDF of the character bios for THE NURSERY here: 01_TheHeadmistress_CharacterBios_ACT